Free Net10 SIM Card, Free Simple Mobile SIM Card, Free Total Wireless SIM Card, Free Page Plus SIM Card

Please read this entirely before you activate!

1. The SIM CARDS are blank and inactive, meaning they have nearly no information stored on them except for the SIM number. This means that a blank SIM may not be detected by your phone once inserted in your cell phone and for certain not in you iPhone, until it is activated with the first month of service pre-paid, in advance. Then data is sent to the SIM and you phone will recognize it. The sim is not broken because nothing works, it MUST be married to a payment FIRST.

2. To activate service with a new number, go to or (simple,,, total, click Activation, click on the Net10, choose Activate my NET10 Service and give me a new number”, and then create an account. You can do so by simply logging into your Facebook account or create new. There is no credit or background check therefore you can use any name or information you like if you choose to remain anonymous. MAKE CERTAIN YOU WRITE DOWN THE INFORMATION YOU SUPPLIED TO CREATE THE ACCOUNT.

3. If you are bringing your existing Cell number, this is referred to as “Porting”, you may Port your number from any other Carrier, and the United States Congress made it Law. The number is yours. Go to, click Activation, click on the Net10 (or Simple Mobile or TelCel), choose Activate my NET10 Service with a number from another company”, and then create an account. You will need all you personal information from you current cell provider, items like your existing account number, password on the account, mailing address, etc. It is best to have your current invoice with you at time of activation. If you do not have an invoice like with BoostMobile, metroPCS, CricKet, and others, YOU MUST FIRST CALL THEM and ask for your account number and secret password. YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER IS NOT YOUR CURRENT CELL NUMBER.

4. The next step is the same for either of the above. You will be asked to enter the serial number for example, “Serial Number/IMEI/MEID/DEC”, this is the SIM number. It is on the SIM card and the attached card it came with. It begins with 10 for AT&T Cards and 26 for T-Mobile Cards and it is 15 digits. This is the only number the network will allow. It is NOT your serial number to your phone.

5. You will now need to pay for your first month of service, in advance. You will be given the option to purchase at “I NEED AN AIRTIME CARD” by credit card during this process. Now that you are past the payment of the first month, place a check mark next to the plan you choose, for example the $50 plan, and place a check mark in the box “ENROLL IN AUTO-REFILL”. You will notice that the price will be reduced by $5 and it will be confirmed on the last page of check out. This $5 discount will make the $50 plan $45 per month. It will also make the additional lines activated (under the same email address log on) on same account $40, in the same manner. Continue / next to the following page, enter your information and complete the activation.

6. If you are “Porting” your existing number, fill out the required information about your present provider and make certain the account information absolutely 100% correct as stated on your invoice or given to you by your present carrier by telephone. If you input the wrong information, the normal 30 minutes or less transfer may take up to 48 hours to resolve. Always remember to ENABLE Auto-Refill. This will install that future billing is at a discounted rate, thus for example, the line will be $45 per month and additional lines will be $40 per month, just like the above in section 5.

7. Once completed, make an outgoing call to a phone that you have nearby and write down the Cell number. You may be required to enter this number in the Verification screen, if necessary. Obviously, if you’re porting in your existing number, you already know this number.

8. If you are porting in, you may be able to make outgoing calls only, no texting, no data, until the entire Port Process completes, this may take up to a few hours, so be patient if all services do not work immediately. If you activated a NEW number, talk and text should work from the start, data may also take up to a few hours to complete.

APN SETTINGS TO RECEIVE DATA / MMS / PICTURE MAIL / INTERNET BROWSING, The iPhone will automatically receive a “CARRIER UPDATE” just say ok and accept it and this will correct all the APN settings. Once completed, you will notice that the top left of your iPhone now says TFW (no longer HOME or AT&T). If you have an Android, you will need to go into settings and add or create a new APN, with the below settings, and remember to SAVE. Then once saved, remember to select the new apn as the one to use.

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